Photo by Carolien van Oijen on Unsplash

Dark nights bring bright lights

Drawn by sorcery, moved to sin

Sound blinding fury, ferocious fight in site

Blood curdled egg, her deepest feel, I’m all in

No bark, all bite, fucking fright night

Her freshness, the loaf, my shudders approach

Bellowing blustering damnations, approachable in rear

Patience no virtue, only no dice

Her slice, so nice, delightful surprise

Devouring the deliverance of definitive divine

And shine she does, adorable sun in site

And badger, haunt, she shall, Medusa

Interventions incurable, and fraught, senseless

Shined, like her dreamalypse, his deformity

Elliptical marionette, Andromeda appeasing, mixed

Yellow custard, neophyte of formation, cleansing

Her deliverence

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