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Wind blowing, delightful colors aroma

Croissant delivered, luscious blond

Soul weakness, hibernation into unification

Her looks, sky eyes, drenching my thankful soul

Grateful carnivores, devouring sweet mutual lust

Blooming delight, vermillion strokes takes the toll

Tuscan sunset, tranquil shamrock shining into adoration

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Climbing up to my dungeon, downward spiral inverse

Reaching towards phantom’s mime

Unable to find my source, the drive

My vision dubious

Mind clouded, persist to be persistent

The slice, no halting

Not before the cut, deeper she forces my feelings

Entry into the meaning, unwanted visitor interfering with purpose

Blinded to the truth, my version and mind alone

Fantasmic orgasmic and systematic

That’s the crave I burn

Metal, my sword of envy

Drugs of oblivion, my candy

Dancing on needles of glass, fire in the air

The flesh of lust

Bring the burn, feel the churn

The burn I…

Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash

Bathed in blessings, leaving past actions behind

Embracing eloquent grace, empowered by confidence

Deeds directing good, refreshed by giving

Clarity of purpose, shrouded by illusions

Of tomorrow and then and should and could

Natural tendencies, the old operating system exists

Version 2.0 taking hold, old habits reminding me

Replenished faith in the way, trending toward betterment

Presence, the miserly companion, Sisyphus persistence

Life’s beauty of curry, coral, and clover

Cornucopian color-fest, tragedies and compassion

Good deeds the call of order, ego the tail wagging this dog

Embracing the generosity so freely given, captivating love

Karmic curiosities, my path is adorned

Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

Mind focused on the hiss, air depletion

Raft sinking, drifting in the darkest of currents

Total focus on the task at hand, bailing liquid death

Uncertain of the surroundings, fixating on fixing

Helpless again, life personified

Problems arising, too fast to handle

And the water continues, the bailing accelerates

Focus, fix the problem

Bail the water

No moon, dark as the the ace of spades

Mind melting fear rising, running from again

Bailing and sinking, sinking and bailing

Current pushing but I cannot look, I must focus

Deeper I sink, into the coldness I plunge

Days of fear, overwhelming coming to fruition

Drowning swallowing me, the final act of surrender

Living in this moment, destruction of grand state

Righteous indignation of my situation, bathing in the melancholy

And all the while, the shore is bountiful

Only 50 feet away

upset by the stairs

….the ones you’re taking

take stock of the situation

wonder why the intense masturbation

….unease from infatuation

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Empirical truths don’t lie

Traveling ecstatic guide wires

Emotional mailbox sending thirst to fly

Bearing a gradual epiphany

Lucious luminescence I suffer her scene

Deliberating the commotion causing my devotion

A debonaire to beware of my insensibilities

Diving into the depend again

So sure of this majesty

Photo by Marco Assmann on Unsplash

Life crashes and rolls, I tend my garden

Growing weeds, entangling compassion and love

Beasts burden, the hearts to harden

Growing limb, filling the void like hand to glove

External pull, universal magnet

Deep diving, bracing for fathom

Tuneless sound abound, she’ll be my habit

Each violet bite, the delectable madame

Sand castles luminous, cotton candy bliss

Strolls of silence, waves wine intense

Hands gliding as one, expelling lust into the kiss

Journey’s sojourn at once, easily making right sense

Aegean seeing all of me, ships dock and she’s free

Honey’s sources abound, let life commence

Free wheel burning, as he eloquently said

My fire it burns, chilli firebrick sangria

Shaler Houser

Co-founder and CEO of youturn. Founder & CEO of Green Cloud Technologies, UCI Communications, Nuvox Communications, & Seruus Ventures @shalerhouser

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