Shaler Houser

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The deepest emotional rivers are flowing

Swimming in heartfelt satisfaction

I feel the message directly into my soul

While swimming with overcast visions

I’m deep into the spiritual lullabies

They comfort my concerned reservation

Filling my heart with courage

To take another step

To consider a jump

Headlong into this…



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Wind blowing, delightful colors aroma

Croissant delivered, luscious blond

Soul weakness, hibernation into unification

Her looks, sky eyes, drenching my thankful soul

Grateful carnivores, devouring sweet mutual lust

Blooming delight, vermillion strokes takes the toll

Tuscan sunset, tranquil shamrock shining into adoration



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Mind focused on the hiss, air depletion

Raft sinking, drifting in the darkest of currents

Total focus on the task at hand, bailing liquid death

Uncertain of the surroundings, fixating on fixing

Helpless again, life personified

Problems arising, too fast to handle

And the water continues, the bailing accelerates




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Sitting in the baking sun

Feeling nothing as I quickly retreat

Anxiousness coursing my hairline throughout

Trying to breathe is the devil’s detail

Piercing sadness pollinating exponential growth

Great pains resulting in skinned knees

Scabbed healing compelling mental fortitude

Thankful for the setback

For in it lies dormant improvement




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Resting laurels find mediocre outcomes

Resilience and persistence must override fear

Anxiety is excitement when framed with thought

Results are immaterial when measurements aren’t material

Yet the material life drives chronic chasing

Of everything resulting in empty bottles and pipes

And shopping carts of credit card receipts

Needing more to…



Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

I’m thoroughly unsure of what the day will bring

Joyous heart accepting any frustrations

Offset by the radiating warmth of my baby blue

Completeness mixed with dubious hesitation

Trusting the process like a 7-year old awaiting Saint Nick

Practice makes perfect but my failure to practice

Ensures an unreliable mind



Shaler Houser

Shaler Houser

Co-founder and CEO of youturn. Founder & CEO of Green Cloud Technologies, UCI Communications, Nuvox Communications, & Seruus Ventures @shalerhouser