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Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

Mind focused on the hiss, air depletion

Raft sinking, drifting in the darkest of currents

Total focus on the task at hand, bailing liquid death

Uncertain of the surroundings, fixating on fixing

Helpless again, life personified

Problems arising, too fast to handle

And the water continues, the bailing accelerates

Focus, fix the problem

Bail the water

No moon, dark as the the ace of spades

Mind melting fear rising, running from again

Bailing and sinking, sinking and bailing

Current pushing but I cannot look, I must focus

Deeper I sink, into the coldness I plunge

Days of fear, overwhelming coming to fruition

Drowning swallowing me, the final act of surrender

Living in this moment, destruction of grand state

Righteous indignation of my situation, bathing in the melancholy

And all the while, the shore is bountiful

Only 50 feet away

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Photo by Marina Loucaides on Unsplash

Aphrodite awakens

Her bosom conceiving a potion of delight

Dreaming of the divine decadence of the elixir

The spell flourishes into night

Enamored with the glow she’s billowing

Men reeling in her wake

Bountiful bust blooming

Streams of passion flowing

Wistful men, affection surging utmost in return

Prurient admonition with dark desires

Waiting on the side dreaming of the glide

Into to the softness of the euphoria

Amorphous aubergine drifting away

Hydrangeas seeking the romantic experience

Her eyes, gravel slate bluebell

Subtle smile, with a glimmer of glee

Heart rate unstable


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Photo by Joel Abraham on Unsplash

The die were cast before the rules were set

Hearts colliding in amorphous delight

Day to dusk and warm to wet

Delirious introspection transforming the night

Three pods in a pee seeking shelter from dark

Determined to drive our demons from hell

Hurricane shaking soul the new hallmark

From our midst the emotions abound from mademoiselle

Alter guide setting judgement aside

Bone tired hungry tobacco for sounds

Shame no more as we drive our pride

Renewed love is ours complete and all around

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Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Suffering life’s gift basket

Pacifying the suffering with distraction

The marketing backbone of America

Soothe with mindless distraction

Alternative feelings the precious mood altering

Focus the on pleasure, run from the rest

Pleasure is greed, gluttony at its most personal

Greed for something else, bring relief

Anything to relieve the suffering (pain / fear)

The something else becomes a point of desire

Desire diminishes the fears, removes the pain


Cake, Cocaine, Crown Royal, AA

All objects of desire, possible stability

And of non-reality

Forms of attachment binding us to fantasy

Concentration, for only 5 minutes

Relieves at an altered level, creative manifestation

Desiring the kryptonite

Shunning his might

Practicing the simplicity of non-reality

Shaler Houser

Co-founder and CEO of youturn. Founder & CEO of Green Cloud Technologies, UCI Communications, Nuvox Communications, & Seruus Ventures @shalerhouser

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